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Fax: (530) 587-3007

Disposal Services

Trusted Hazardous Waste Recycling

To ensure paints, corrosives, and all other types of toxic materials are disposed of properly, contact Hazardous Disposal Specialists. In addition to transporting and disposing, we also offer hazardous waste recycling. 

Examples of Waste We Handle 

Our team disposes of:

• Flammable Materials
• Oily Absorbents/Sludge
• Paints
• Corrosives
• Contaminated Soil
• Toxic Liquids/Solids
• Mercury
• Aerosols
• Photo Chemicals
• Ink
• Plating Waste
• Lab Packs
 • PCB
• Other Items

We do not handle small quantities of household waste. For smaller volumes of hazardous waste please call:   (800) CLEAN-UP

Drum Removal

If you need materials removed from your property or worksite, our team is experienced with drum and bulk removal.  We provide replacement containers and manage all profiling, packing, labeling, manifesting, transportation and disposal.

Disposal Options

Trust us to dispose of your hazardous waste safely while also being mindful of our environment. While some waste can be recycled, some of it must be destroyed, for that type of waste we offer incineration and certified destruction services. Other disposal options we provide include:

• Metallurgical Recovery
• Chemical Placement
• Treatment
• Stabilization
• Class-1 Disposal
• Class-2 Disposal